Unknown Locales

Label scans from the collections of Erik Lindgren and Jason Litchfield.

Fevah Inc.
What Will Be Done / Nothing Better To Do
no label (FEVAH A/B)
late 1960s / early 1970s
Most likely from Hartford, CT or Springfield, MA area.

Forerunners (Harvard University - Cambridge, MA)
A Long Way Down / Magic Of A Girl
Liberty (55852 • LB-2176/77)
December 1965
Previously reported as a Harvard University band; but the Harvard band in March/April 1967 New England Teen Scene magazine stated that they had not recorded yet. My guess is most likely a California studio group.

Jekyll's & Hyde's
Diddly Daddy / You Can't Judge A Book
Boss (200,899/900)
May 1966
Confirmed: from New Brunswick, Canada

Sunshine Day / Visions Of Mary
Arco (SC-2121 • ZTSP 124824/25)
Most likely New Bedford, Massachusetts area.

Please / Just Me
Tiger Productions (200,607/08)
September 1965
Most likely not a New England band at all; the disc is a Decca custom pressing, used by many, but not exclusively, Northeast artists.


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  2. Where did you find your caravan of sound album? And who is R. Hudson?? My bf and I have a copy and are trying to find some info