Label scans from the collections of Erik Lindgren and Jason Litchfield, with additions from Kevin Andrews, Chris Bishop, Matthew Kaminskis, Mark Taylor and Tom Zagryn.

Apple Corps (Old Saybrook, CT)
Don't Leave Me / You'll Never Know
Subtown (ST-601/602)
February 1969

Beau Phenom (New Haven, CT)
Peyote Peyote Lowding / Call Off Life
Co-Op (520)

Drums Joey Bellomo (Enfield, CT)
Runabout / Steamer
Glo Records (5222)

The Bends / Smokey split 45 (Bristol, CT)
If It's All The Same To You / The Four Seasons Of Love
Rebel (HF-103 • 18061/62)
October 1966

Blue Beats (Danbury, CT)
Super-Man / I Can't Get Close
Beowoolf (BW1061)

Blue Beats
Extra Girl / She's The One
Columbia (4-43790 • ZSP 115459/60)
September 1966
Picture sleeve

Blue Beats
Born In Chicago / I Can't Get Close (To Her At All)
Columbia (4-44098 • ZSP 118305/06)
April 1967

Blue Echoes (Bristol-Cheshire, CT)
Tiger Talk / Blue Bell Bounce
Bristol (B-101 • 10837/38) / Lawn (L-225)
Also bootlegged on the Itzy label (#11) in 1966.

Blue Echoes
Rosanne / How Do I Tell Her
B.E.P. (B-103 • 13551/52)
November 1964

Blue Echoes
Respectable / Young Blood
BEP (B-104)

Blue Mist (Devon/Milford, CT)
Twice Before The Ministry / I Can't Find A Place
no label (CO-2773)
April 1969
Vinyl pressing with handwritten blank labels.

Boss Blues (Redding-Ridgefield, CT)
So, Go / Before The Dawn
Direction (45-101 • ZTSP 123081/82)
December 1966

Bram Rigg Set (North Haven - Wallingford, CT)
I Can Only Give You Everything / Take The Time Be Yourself
Kayden (KD-406 • K 111/112)
February 1967
Both white label promo copies and orange label stock copies exist.

Bridge (West Haven, CT)
Life Of A Day / A Beautiful Day
Co-Op (519 • CO-12169)
February 1969

Love Is There / Gotta Get Back
Kirzo (1) May 1970
Roulette (7081) July 1970

Cadaver (New Haven, CT)
Haven't Got The Time / If You've Got The Time
Kaleidoscope (KM-101/102)
June 1968
Picture sleeve

Children Of The Night (Old Saybrook, CT)
World Of Tears / Don't Cry Little Girl
Bella (45-101)
February 1967

Chosen Few (New Haven, CT)
Why Can't I Love Her / La La La La La
Co-Op (510 • U4KM-1487/88)
May 1967

Chosen Few
Hey Joe / Head's Up
Can USA (504)
September 1967

Cirkyt (Vernon, CT)
Six Page Letter / That's The Way Life Is
Jody (6703/6704)
Picture sleeve. Features singer Tom Dae from the High Tensions and Tom Dae Turned On.

The Collage (Norwich, CT)
Best Friend / Girl Don't Tell Me
Coliseum Record Productions (201,468/69)
October 1967

Connecticut Vibrations (Milford, CT)
It's Love / Go-Go
Carolyn (CR-100)

Creations (Milford, CT)
Crash / Chickie Darlin
Top Hat (TH 1003 • Rite 1151 • 12699/700)
August 1964
Picture sleeve

Don't Be Mean / Forty One Willis
Top Hat (TH 1004 • Rite 1151 • 13891/92)
February 1965
Picture sleeve

D-Men (Stamford, CT)
Don't You Know / No Hope For Me
Veep (V 1206 • ZTSP 95456/57)
November 1964

Just Don't Care / Mousin' Around
Veep (V 1209 • ZTSP 95462/63)
March 1965

So Little Time / Every Minute Of Every Day
Kapp (K-691 • K-9366/67)
May 1965

Tom Dae Turned On (Vernon, CT)
I Shall Walk / It Could Be So Nice
Hitt (7002)
June 1970
Picture sleeve. Singer for the High Tensions and The Cirkyt.

Daedalus (New Britain, CT)
Raga For A Mountain Man / Empty Streets
Audio Specialties Recording Studio (CO-2534)
© October 1968

Davey & The Dolphins (—, CT)
She Likes Older Boys / The Spider
20th Century Fox (529 • R4KM-7903/04)
June 1964

East Coast Journeymen (Derby, CT)
Down, Down, Down / Dressed In Rags
Roulette (R-4715 • 19041/42)
November 1966

Eastern Alliance (New Haven, CT)
Love Fades Away / Please Don't Say You're Sorry
Wriga (124-12 • TK4M-5025/26)
October 1966
Some copies include custom printed sleeve with the group name and the song titles typeset in red ink.

El-Rich Trio And Combo (East Hartford, CT)
House Of Blue Lights / This I Swear
Elco (SK-1 • T4KM-7947)

El-Rich Trio And Combo
Honest I Do / Not Without Your Love
Elco (SK-2 • TK4M-1417/18)

Emeralds (North Haven, CT)
I Long For You / Better Man Than I
Music Box
Unreleased 10-inch acetate

Fifth Estate (Stamford, CT)
Love Is All A Game / Like I Love You
Red Bird (RB 10-064 • GG 1200/01)
May 1966

Fifth Estate
That's Love / Do Drop Inn
Jubilee (JB 5617 • JB-12772/73)
February 1968
Recorded previously as the D-Men

Five Cards Stud (Yale University - New Haven, CT)
Everybody Needs Somebody / Be-Bop-A-Lula
Red Bird (082)
August 1966
Recorded previously as The Stains

Fonograf Four (Cheshire & New Britain, CT)
Don't Throw Stones / You're Not Foolin' Me
Recettsic (RR 69 • UK4M-0865/0686)
October 1967

The Gass Co. (University Of Connecticut - Storrs, CT)
Come On Up / First I Look At The Purse
Pro (P 400-62/63 • U5KM-1637/38)

Gretschmen (Los Angeles, CA via Hartford, CT)
Mondo Mod / Hip-Huggers
Timely (101)
April 1967

Gypsies (Manchester, CT)
Do It Do It / There Was A Time
Greenwood (297 • 14801/802)
June 1965

Hangmen Of Fairfield County (Fairfield, CT)
Stacey / I Don't Want You Around
High Castle (HC-401)

Tommy Dae's High Tensions (Rockville, CT)
Tampico Rage / Lost Horizon
Hitt (PB-591/592)
© April 1963

High Tensions
Looking For A Summertime Girl / You've Got It Made
Hitt (6601/6602)
May 1966
Singer Tom Dae of The Cirkyt and Tom Dae Turned On

High Tensions
Poor Man / No Use Hangin' Around
Hitt (6604/6605)

The Insane (Southington, CT)
I Can't Prove It / Someone Like You
Allen Associates (201,347/48)
July 1967

"In"-Vaders (New Britain, CT)
By The Sea / That Girl
Music Town (MTR-109/110 • 45-114)
December 1966

Java Men (Stratford, CT)
Just Being With You / Don't Lead Me On
Plaza (1001/1002 • 4-25-67)
April 1967

Johnny & The Reflections (Old Saybrook, CT)
Don't Cry Little Girl / Mine
Bella (45-102 • 111-333)
July 1968

Karen And The Starliners (Plainfield, CT)
I Can Count The Times / Storm In My Heart
Planet (No. 62 • T4KM-5044/45)
© October 1966

King Bees (Canterbury School - New Milford, CT)
Karen / Long Tall Sally
no label (134607)

Last Five (West Hartford, CT)
Kicking You / Weatherman
Wand (1122)
April 1966

Little Boy Blues (Wallingford, CT)
You Gave Me Life / [blank]
Bell Sound Studios
November 1966
Unreleased acetate

Lively Ones (Waterbury, CT)
(Now I Recall) Lovin' You / Little Star
Nancy (NR1/NR2 • ZTSP 122364/65)
March 1966

Lively Ones
The Common Man / Speak To Me Of Love
Nancy (NR3/NR4 • CO 1716)
May 1966
Label states pressing plant matrix CO 1696 but deadwax etching is CO 1716.

Long Island Sounds (Branford / East Haven, CT)
Tiger / Lucky Guy
Wonder (165 • W 1003/1004)
March 1965

Long Island Sounds
Don't Cry Linda / (Ballad Of) Marvin Crump
Wonder (166 • W 1005/1006)
October 1965

Loose Ends (Nichols, CT)
Hey Sweet Baby / I Love You Baby
Meadow Brook (MB-0069 • 25069/70)
October 1969

The Madcaps (Uncasville, CT)
Long Way To Go / Searchin
Unca (SK4M 1960/61)

Madhatters (Stamford, CT)
Just Won't Leave / Mister You're A Better Man Than I
Mask (Y-100)
April 1966

I'm A Man / Just Won't Leave / Mister You're A Better Man Than I
Jaysina Enterprises, Inc.
Feb. 25, 1966
10" acetate with the 45 tracks plus "I'm A Man"

The Madisons (Willimantic, CT)
Travelin' Light / Steve's Theme
Avenue Record Co. (17503/04 • RITE 331)

Mark IV (New Canaan, CT)
Hollow Woman / Better Than That
Columbia (4-43911 • JZSP 116487/88)
November 1966

Me & The Rest (Waterbury, CT)
Mark Time / Dark Clouds
Brass City (CO 2027)
November 1966

Melotones / Greenwoods (Recollect Augustinian Seminary - Norfolk, CT)
Rhythm Of The Rain (Melotones) / Vibrations (Melotones) / Don't Cry Suzanne (Greenwoods) // 900 Miles (Greenwoods) / Gotta Travel On (Greenwoods) / Shout (Melotones)
no label (S-200,500/501)
Picture sleeve

The Moderns (Rockville, CT)
Mama Says / Because I'm Cryin'
Unreleased acetate

The Mojos (Fairfield / Southport, CT)
Love Does Its Harm / I Like It
Mojo (ZTSP 106725/26)
January 1966
Picture sleeve

Joe Mondo & His Combo (Bridgeport, CT)
Doin' The Thing / Last Summer Love
EPI (1003)

NGC-4594 (University Of Connecticut - Storrs, CT)
Going Home / Skipping Through The Night
Smash (2104)
July 1967

New Fugitives (Meriden, CT)
That's Queer / She's My Baby
Glo (5241)
October 1966

No Way (Fitchville-Norwich, CT)
Decisions, Decisions / A Look She Couldn't Hide
A-Hom (235 • CO 3492)
© December 1970

No Way
I Can't Stop Loving You (Until You Stop Loving Me) / A Kiss
A-Hom (236 • CO 3493)
© December 1970

North Atlantic Invasion Force [N.A.I.F.] (New Haven, CT)
Blue And Green Gown / Fire, Wind And Rain
Congressional (999 • C-1767/68)
February 1967

North Atlantic Invasion Force
Sweet Bird Of Love / Elephant In My Tambourine
Majestic (998/999 • 1051)
September 1967

North Atlantic Invasion Force
Black On White / The Orange Patch
Mr. G (G 808)
February 1968

North Atlantic Invasion Force
The Rainmaker / Elephant In My Tambourine
Mr. G (G-819)
August 1968

North Atlantic Invasion Force
In The U.S.A. / My Tambourine
Majestic (No. 1001)
"In The U.S.A." is a lyrical re-write of "Black On White" - same music track

North Atlantic Invasion Force
Loves No Game / Loves No Game
Staff (S-1006)
Lyrical re-write of "Black On White" - same music track

#1 [Number One] (Hartford, CT)
The Collector / Cracks In The Sidewalk
Kapp (824)
April 1967

Original Sinners (Yale University - New Haven, CT)
You'll Never Know (What Love Is All About) / (Anytime You Need Me) I'll Be Home
Discotech (DTR-1001)
March 1966

The Out Of Order (Putnam, CT)
Lonely Sentry / It’s Alright
Lauren (CO 2930)
© August 1969

Pentagons (Montville, CT)
The Walk / blank
Unreleased one-sided acetate

Summer's Over / About The Girl I Love
Audio Dynamics (AM-153 • AD-1016671/72)
October 1967

Phoenix Pyre (North Grosvenor Dale, CT)
One Life Span / Fanny Brawn
C.A.V.U. (23665/66)
January 1969

Ravens (New Fairfield / Ridgebury, CT)
Working For The Man / Sleepless Nights
Haven (RF-197 • SK4M 1869/70)
September 1965

My Man / What You Want
Bell Sound Studios
June 1967
Unreleased acetate

Realms (Trumbull, CT)
Baby Let's Wait / All I Want
Melody (ME 105/106)

Revolution (Manchester, CT)
Wake Me, Shake Me / Baby I Love You
Boss City (BC-150 • 24213/14)
May 1969

Road Runners (Wallingford, CT)
Listen To Me / Right Now / Luv / You're Thinking Of Me
Syncron Rec Studio
Unreleased acetate

Rogues (Bristol, CT)
It's The Same All Over The World / Oh, No
Peyton (P-1001 • 2081)
January 1966

Rogues (Manchester, CT)
No Lies / Night Time
Boss City (BC-160 • 91167)
November 1969

Tobacco Road / Heavy
Boss City (BC-166 • 0180)
January 1970

Saturday Knights (Meriden / New Britain / Southington, CT)
Dum Diddly Dum / It's So Good To Be Loved
Jet (101)
December 1965

Savages (New Milford, CT)
Born In Chicago / One By One
Chrikern (C-1003/1004 • 11-67)
November 1967

Shags (New Haven, CT)
Wait And See / It Hurts Me Bad
Nutta (NU 101 • ZTSP 104665/66)
April 1965

By My Side / 'Cause Of You
Sammy (SA-101/102 • ZTSP 105900/901)
August 1965

Hey, Little Girl / Don't Press Your Luck
Taurus (CR-1881 • ZTSP 122468/69)
May 1966

I Call Your Name / Hide Away
Laurie (LR-3353 • TK4M-1655/56)
August 1966

As Long As I Have You / Tell Me
Kayden (KD-407 • K 113/114)
April 1967

Breathe In My Ear / Easy Street
Kayden (KD-408 • K 115/116)
June 1967

Shandels (New Britain, CT)
Stop Your Cryin' / Redskin
Music Town (MTR 105/106 • 45-113)
December 1966

Sleepy Hollow (Bridgeport / Trumbull, CT)
Way Back When / The Dark Of Nite
no label (7-BD-238)
August 1967

Soul Experience (New Haven, CT)
We Don't Need No Music / Organ Man
Ron-Cris (RC-1023 • CO 3287)

Squires (Bristol, CT)
Going All The Way / Go Ahead
Atco (45-6442 • 66C-10701/02)
September 1966

Stains (Yale University - New Haven, CT)
Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind / Now And Then
Lotus (45-1000 • L 101/102)
May 1966

Sticks & Stones (Fairfield, CT)
Try / Live To Be Free
Coral (62524)
June 1967

Sunny And The Four Shades (New London, CT)
Broken Hearted Surfer / Beetle Boogie
Glo (5228)

Tremblers (Danbury, CT)
The Girl I'd Like To Meet / Windstorm
Unreleased acetate

Triangle (Manchester, CT)
Why / Reputations
Fun (U4KM-1106/07)

The Twigs (Montville / Uncasville, CT)
What's With You / Something
December 1966
Unreleased acetate

Tyme (Winsted, CT)
Cry For The Trees / Land Of 1,000 Dances
Unreleased acetate

[Unknown Group Name] (New Haven, CT)
That's OK With Me / A Heart Of Stone
Ron-Cris Studios
No info written on the labels; song titles are hypothesized

Uranus And The Five Moons (Wesleyan University - Middletown, CT)
Your Groove / Mimi Von Lark
Gotcha (CO 2048)

Tony Valletta Trio (Waterbury, CT area)
Garbage Man / Hedgehopper
Fantasy Records (CO 2403)

Wanderers (West Hartford, CT)
What's Right? / Consolidated Character
CAGG (U4KS-0692/93)

Wild Cherry (Huntington, CT)
She Won't Care / You Ain't Got Nobody
Staehle-Tudor (SR-105)
December 1970

Words Eternal (Hartford, CT)
Crosstown Bus / Follow Me
WE (no number)

Words Eternal
Help Me Find A Way / Nowhere Man
WE (25173/74)
October 1969

Wrongh Black Bag (Cheshire, CT)
Wake Me Shake Me / I Don't Know Why
Mainstream (689)
May 1968

Yesterday's Children (Cheshire / Prospect, CT)
To Be Or Not To Be / Baby, I Want You
Parrot (45-PAR-314 • CL 7611/12)
January 1967

Yesterday's Children
To Be Or Not To Be / Love And Things / Baby, I Want You / Dance All Night
Disc AZ (EP 1101)
French issue with picture sleeve and two extra tracks

Young Alley Cats (Hartford, CT)
Since She's Been Gone / Cat Tracks
Robin (RR 100/101 • CO 1669)
April 1966

Your Mother (Pomfret School - Pomfret, CT)
Cryptic Subterfuge / Hello
Your Mother Enterprises (09371)
March 1968


  1. anyone remember 'The Bloody Stumps'? saw them around Meriden and Middletown....also 'The Cavaliers'.

  2. The Bloody Stumps! From Middletown!

  3. Words eternal band from back in 60s and 70s from conneticut? Anyone heard of them

  4. The Bone, Milford, Connecticut later
    The One Last Desperate Suck

    1. Yup, on Poison Ring. Formerly the Creations.