October 20, 2020


I'm cryin' since I can finally see a band photo! Courtesy of Jim Ford.

Like many record nuts who were in their twenties in the 1990s, I first heard “You’ve Got Me Cryin’” via the Cheater Slicks version on their “Destination Lonely” LP — a stellar example of “downer” garage. A couple of years later I finally heard the original on a New England Teen Scene compilation, though it would take another quarter century before I could actually see the heartbroken fellas. Well, wonder no more, as band leader Jim Ford finally came through with a couple of pictures in September 2020! And the images don't disappoint: no clean-cut lettermen here.

The Mauve was Jim Ford (vocals, occasional rhythm guitar); Eric Semple (lead guitar); Charlie Weeks (bass); and Paul Munroe (drums). Also credited in the copyright paperwork is manager Dave Smith: “He set up gigs and help load and unload equipment when enough teenyboppers weren't available,” according to Jim Ford.

All attended Acton Boxboro Regional High School (ABRHS) in Massachusetts. The Mauve shared bills with another Acton area band, The Retreds (of “Black Mona Lisa” fame), as well as the Boss Todes, fronted by Jim Ford’s brother Dick. The outfit played gigs at local high schools and rec centers, but also traveled into the city to The Rat (The Rathskeller). Anecdote from Jim: “We played there a few times, the bartenders used to feed us beer even though we were all underage. Anyway, they had a bomb scare, so as we were leaving out the back stage door Paul the drummer turns to me and says, “What about my drums?” He was a friggin’ riot!”

Luckily in their short existence, The Mauve cut two original tunes at Continental Recording Studios in Framingham, Mass., released on the studio’s house label, Cori Records. The studio was doing some work with Jim’s brother’s band at the time as well, and this obviously caused massive confusion to the typesetter, as the labels were mistakenly printed with “Boss Todes” underneath The Mauve band name. The band crossed this out with black marker on most copies.

The Mauve dissolved when Jim joined the Army, at which point Charlie and Eric joined the Boss Todes. The ‘Todes cut their own 45 the following year and gigged extensively, even as far as Iowa and Bermuda, and continued with music into the 1970s.

Live at the hoppin' Acton Community Center. Courtesy of Jim Ford.

You've Got Me Cryin' / In The Revelation
(CR 31006 • UB 238/39)
March 1966

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  1. Hi Friend
    This single is one of my favorites in all of garage history.
    I have a series "Battle of the Sides", where I compile the best singles, but with the two good sides, I have already 26 vols and this album had the honor of being in the vol. 1.
    Best wishes