January 13, 2016


Judging by the shambolic recordings presented here, it's safe to assume that Worcester's Back Street Boys did not gain the same legion of gyrating female fans as their 1990s "boy band" counterparts. But technical competency is rarely a factor in cool 60s discs, and that's what Wormtown's back alley miscreants left behind. The group consisted of Mike Lannon on vocals and percussion, Ralph Dale on guitar and Bill Brooks (a.k.a. "Rags") on keyboard. Unfortunately, all three members are deceased. It is unknown if there were other members on bass and drums. According to Mike Lannon's brother John, the band's manager — a restaurant owner who's business suspiciously burned down — financed the recording. (Wild guess that his initials were "W. J. G.")

"Back Street Blues" appeared on the New England Teen Scene Vol. II compilation LP back in 1984.

Thanks to John and Kathleen Lannon for what scant info we were able to provide!

Back Street Blues / Money
W. J. G. Records 
(19635/36 • Rite 1245)
July 1967

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