August 17, 2015

THE 5:P.M. (Weston, MA)

Hopefully the 5:P.M. handed out a care package of kleenex and Valium along with their 45, as "How Many Days" ranks as possibly thee most downer/tragic tune outta New England (followed closely by the Eastern Alliance "Love Fades Away"). Were their unsuspecting classmates even prepared for such an aural expression of misery?

The 5:P.M. were all members of the Class of 1969 at Weston High School (and juniors when they recorded and released their single in 1968), a small town about 30 miles west of Boston. The lineup featured Ed Chibaro on guitar and lead vocals, Tom Osborne on guitar and vocals, Peter Boshco on bass and Robert "Bucky" Weaver on drums, with John Goode and Randy Bauer handling organ duties at different points during the band's existence.

No band pictures survived the decades, but luckily old yearbook photos never disappear! (Click to enlarge.)

The guys recorded both sides at an overnight session at Boston's Ace studios. Ed sang lead on both tracks, with Tom supplying vocal harmonies. Most copies were sent out as promos, and the 45 caught the ear of Disco Scene magazine honchos, who asked the band for permission to release the songs in the magazine as part of its flexi disc series. Osborne recalls that they weren't even supplied complimentary copies — they had to buy the magazine themselves!

During live sets the 5:P.M. played hits by the Young Rascals, Rolling Stones, Vanilla Fudge, the crowd favorite, the Doors "Light My Fire." The crew later went by the moniker The Ivy Grin. Though the band broke up after high school, all members continue to see each other during summer get-togethers which, naturally, usually lead to jam sessions.

Now pop one of those Valiums and spin the great Disc Of Despair below…

THE 5:P.M.
How Many Days / Auburn Red
Ace Record Co. 
(ARC 179 • ZTSP 140179/80) 1968

5PM 5 P.M. 5 PM 5:PM 5P.M.

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  1. Proud to call Randy Bauer my husband and Buck Weaver a friend....not everyone can say they made a 45' in high school!